Principles Of Leading Change


Katgar Model for Change

  • Constantly communicate why change
  • People look for the "chink in the amour" at senior management level which gives them permission not to "get on board" senior management must be aligned
  • Cultural preferences can pre dominate concerns - dig into the root of the concerns rather than gloss over them
  • Focus on the "oh dar" factor - tell people the "impact not the output"
  • Engage others in problem solving - people want to influence what happens to them
  • Be patient when culture in changing
  • Help the individual change - the individual must change before the organization can change
  • Go towards those who protest the most - for a while, enlist or get them out of the way
  • Success is often in the details - you need to anticipate the "nitty gritty"
  • Get the strategy "nearly right" - get the implementation "roughly right" and execute
  • Find the right people - value the diversity of peoples skills in different stages of the change process
  • Build on the success as it happens
  • Don't leave the wounded on the battle field