The Ridge model Leadership Cycle

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The vision needs to be clearly and easily understood and consistently communicated. It should be a place we feel we can get to and the result of getting there should be better than where we are now. Without a clear vision no one goes anywhere.


These are both personal and organizational for alignment and are hierarchical. It is a platform that empowers people to make decisions.


Planning and executing have always been a core part of management. However, if we just plan and execute, plan and execute, without review of the execution, we get caught in the typhoon zone.

Typhoon Zone

This is where we end up doing more and more of what does not work and we destroy the business. We avoid it by flowing through The Leadership Cycle.


By reviewing the planning and execution to avoid the typhoon zone, we create the learning moment.


What did we set out to do? What actually happened? Why did it happen? What are we going to do next time?

Learning Moment

From the review we discover the learning moment's point of realization-that can be positive or negative but never bad! A learning moment culture allows "mistakes" based on the value that the mistake is a learning moment from which a positive outcome can make us a better company-a learning moment culture is rigorous as well as respectful.


Learning is the final outcome. A learning organization is one that is renewing itself on a daily basis. We beat the competition and make ourselves more competent by embracing the learning moment, which creates the learning culture. With the right products, the right people that are passionate, and The Leadership cycle (which creates a culture where passion is enhanced), you have a MAGNIFICENT organization that is applauded by profits.