Typhoon Zone

Typhoon Zone

The definition of a Typhoon Zone is a violent wind, which has a circular movement (site source). If we take that definition and look at it metaphorically we can see how it impacts the work environment. We plan, which starts the motion, we execute, building speed, plan again, continuing the whirlwind momentum, execute, plan, execute and then eventually we are in a whirlwind that can't be stopped.

Dec. 19th, 1997, Typhoon Paka hit the island of Guam:

  • 3000 out of 31,000 homes were completely destroyed
  • 60% of the remaining homes (21,000) experienced significant damage
  • Electricity was out for the entire island with an expected recovery of at least 2 months
  • And 75% of the water system was inoperable

This type of damage was created by the storm in 1997; think about the damage and devastation it's causing your business!

What are the signs that you are in a Typhoon Zone?

Your company maybe in the Typhoon Zone and not aware of it.

  • We are no worse than anyone else attitude.
  • Blaming everyone else for the results
  • Lack of acceptance of accountability
  • Employee and customer surveys are at or below average
  • Customer growth is non-existent or slow
  • High operating cost
  • Profits stagnate, slow to rise or decreasing
  • Slow to realize the need for change
  • High Attrition