How would it feel if all your employees loved their job at your company?

You know the advantages that passionate employees can bring to your company. They contribute fresh, innovative ideas to your business. They are dedicated to both learning and teaching. They pour all their energy and focus into a cause bigger than themselves. They take better care of themselves physically and emotionally. And they go home to their families happy at night.

As CEO of WD-40 Company, I am more than just proud of our culture of 93% employee engagement. My tribe members bring brilliance, joy, dedication, and fun to work every day. All around the world.

I believe that this success is completely duplicable by any CEO who is committed to making the change. It may not be easy, but it is simple.

I can teach you how to have this too. Let’s get started.




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Having served as the CEO and president of WD-40 Company for over 20 years, Garry Ridge has invaluable experience incorporating company culture and values into day-to-day operations and collaborating with tribe members and business partners throughout the world.

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