With over 30 years’ experience transforming business models and workplace cultures all over the world, Garry welcomes inquiries from CEOs and other C-suite leaders who recognize that the time has come for an intentional change.

Garry’s consulting offerings serve client companies that fall into two major groups:

Companies with a commitment to improve culture: Garry works with executives who understand the linkage between market performance and internal corporate working environment. Garry helps consulting clients duplicate his landmark successes at WD-40 Company by developing cultures that foster innovation, a sense of belonging and community spirit, and a new emphasis on the leaders’ responsibility to set their employees up for success.

Companies that are expanding their global business: Drawing from his experience working in 62 countries, Garry works with mid-sized companies that are either U.S.-based expanding abroad or non-U.S.-based interested in establishing a presence in the United States. In addition to addressing workplace culture issues with these client companies, Garry also helps them make informed decisions around such critical areas as needs assessment; market readiness; distribution channels; the legal considerations that must be addressed.


Areas Of Expertise

  • Global Market Development
  • Strategic Planning & Leadership
  • Revenue & Profit Growth
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • New Product Development
  • Integration Leadership
  • Team Development & Leadership
  • Finance, Budgeting & Cash Management

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