Leading Company Culture Speaker

Garry Helps Leaders and Companies Build Engaged, World-Class Cultures.

As part of Garry’s commitment to helping companies of all sizes duplicate his success via workplace culture transformation, he makes a limited number of days out of every year available for keynote speaking engagements. He wraps his inspiring personal stories of his work at WD-40 Company with universally applicable steps and programs that any leader of any company can adapt. Audiences most likely to benefit from his program are already engaged in human capital development and/or they lead organizations that are going through a period of significant change.

Audiences will learn from Garry:

  • The Power of The Learning Moment Culture.
  • The 10 Traits of Leadership.
  • Critical decisions every leader must make before committing to cultural transformation.
  • The six critical characteristics of a highly engaged culture.
  • How to create a tribal workplace culture where employees go to work happy; invest their passion, skills, and energy into a cause larger than themselves; go home happy.
  • The personal journey every CEO takes when implementing organizational cultural transformation.


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