We’ve all heard the cliché that failure is a stepping stone to success. But how many of us genuinely treat those missteps as opportunities for growth? In most traditional work environments, making mistakes carries a whiff of shame. This mindset limits both individual progress and the overall success of the organization. It’s here that the concepts of the ‘learning moment’ and organizational ‘tribes’ dovetail to create something incredibly powerful.

What’s a Learning Moment?
A learning moment is a positive or negative outcome of any situation that is openly and freely shared to benefit all people. It’s about turning experiences into shared knowledge, whether it’s celebrating successes or analyzing what didn’t go perfectly.

The Tribal Connection.
Humans are wired for connection. We crave a sense of belonging. In a tribal organization, the entire company embodies this concept. It’s a tight-knit community where people feel valued, supported, and like they have a unique contribution to offer. A shared set of values guides decision-making throughout the organization, and there’s a profound sense of collective purpose.

Connecting the Dots: Learning Moments, the Tribe, & Belonging
When we combine the learning moment with this tribal structure, we tap into that deep-seated human need to belong and make a difference.

  • Shared Success, Deeper Bonds:When positive learning moments are amplified across the organization, successes become shared victories. This strengthens the bonds between every member and creates a sense of collective achievement.
  • Support to Take Risks:A psychologically safe organization encourages people to take risks. They know that even if things don’t pan out perfectly, the learning moments they create will be valued and supported by the entire team.
  • Collective Purpose:Sharing learning moments reminds everyone of how their work contributes to the organization’s overall goals. This strong sense of purpose is a powerful driver of engagement and investment – everyone wants to see the tribe succeed.

Happy Tribe - The Culture Coach

The Ripple Effects on Employee Experience Here’s what happens when employees feel safe to learn and have a strong sense of belonging:

  • Heightened Innovation: People within a strong ‘tribe’ push boundaries, knowing their team backs them up.
  • Improved Problem Solving: Issues are tackled proactively, as seeking help is just a matter of turning to your trusted tribe.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Energy isn’t wasted on maintaining a facade of perfection. People feel authentically seen and invested in their collective success.
  • Stronger Camaraderie: Sharing struggles and wins creates an unbreakable bond within tribes.

It’s Not About Perfection, It’s About Progress Creating a learning moment, and tribal culture isn’t just a fluffy feel-good exercise — there are substantial business benefits. I have seen proof that employee engagement can grow to 93% and achieve an impressive compound annual growth rate of revenue and profitability.

The takeaway? It’s time to ditch the shame associated with failure and embrace the power of learning moments and strong tribal connections. And hey, your company will reap the benefits as well. That’s a win-win I can get behind!


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